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Some of these questions must be answered by consulting your textbook which correlates with the video series.  Consult: "Physical Geology -Earth Revealed" by Carlson, Plummer and McGeary; published by McGraw Hill, New York City, NY


Episode 6: Plate Dynamics
This program examines the movement and interaction of tectonic plates, which account for a vast array of geologic formations and phenomena — from California’s San Andreas Fault to the Rift Valley of eastern Africa. The program covers convergent boundaries, subduction, hotspots, and the debate over what drives plate motion.

What are tectonic plates?

Describe a divergent plate boundary, give me two examples of such a boundary.

How fast do plates move? P. 92


How do divergent and convergent boundaries work to keep earth the same size?


Describe the 3 types of convergent plate boundaries. P. 94-97

How are the Himalayas in central Asia thought to have formed?


Why does oceanic crust sink below continental crust? P. 95


What 2 things happen as a subducting plate sinks back into the earth? P. 94


Why are convergent volcanoes more explosive than divergent (basaltic) volcanoes?

What is the curved line of volcanoes that form along an ocean trench called? P. 94

Describe a transform fault boundary.


Describe the lithosphere and asthenosphere, and how they interact.

What is the origin of a “hot spot”?


What will happen when Hawaii drifts off the hot spot?


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