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Some of these questions must be answered by consulting your textbook which correlates with the video series.  Consult: "Physical Geology -Earth Revealed" by Carlson, Plummer and McGeary; published by McGraw Hill, New York City, NY


2. The Restless Planet 
Early Greek astronomers believed that Earth was the center of the universe. However, this notion changed dramatically over time, especially after the invention of the telescope. This program traces the development of astronomical theory with discussions of the discoveries of Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, and Newton. Unique characteristics of Earth are also discussed.

Episode 2:   The Restless Planet

Video.  What is the Nebular Hypothesis?

Video:  Why do we see so few meteorite impact  scars on earth?

Video:  Describe the solar system and the differences between the inner and outer planets.

Where in our solar system do most meteors originate?

What is the age and composition of meteorites that have been found on Earth?

Video:  Describe the process of differentiation.

Video:  What factors contributed to the early heating of the earth?

Video:  Describe the four basic layer that make up the structure of the earth.

Video:  Describe the origin of earth's atmosphere?

Video:  How important was water to the origin and evolution of life?

Video:  How did early life forms change earth's atmosphere?

Video:  Why is the Earth still geologically active?

Video:  What is convection and how does it relate to earth's internal heat engine?

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