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Some of these questions must be answered by consulting your textbook which correlates with the video series.  Consult: "Physical Geology -Earth Revealed" by Carlson, Plummer and McGeary; published by McGraw Hill, New York City, NY


19. Running Water I: Rivers, Erosion and Deposition 
 Rivers are the most common land feature on Earth and play a vital role in the sculpting of land. This program shows landscapes formed by rivers, the various types of rivers, the basic parts of a river, and how characteristics of rivers — their slope, channel, and discharge — erode and build the surrounding terrain. Aspects of flooding are also discussed.

Episode 19: Running Water - Erosion and Deposition

Describe the hydrologic Cycle.

What is sheet erosion?

What 3 things do all streams do?


What is one important factor in how rivers shape the land?

What is a divide?


What factors can cause a river's velocity to increase?


What is discharge?


What are the 3 erosional processes of rivers?

What is the stream Load?


What factors affect sediment transport?


What are river bars?


Describe a river that has meanders.

How does an oxbow form?

Describe a braided river.


How often do most streams flood?


What is a floodplain, and what does a river store there?

What is a levee?


How do streams work to maintain equilibrium?

How is a delta different from an alluvial fan?


What happens at "Red Eye Crossing" when water levels fluctuate?


What geologic factors contribute to the evolution of river systems?