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Some of these questions must be answered by consulting your textbook which correlates with the video series.  Consult: "Physical Geology -Earth Revealed" by Carlson, Plummer and McGeary; published by McGraw Hill, New York City, NY


15. Weathering and Soils 
The Cleopatra’s Needle obelisk in New York City’s Central Park is severely weathered after only 75 years, whereas the dry climate of Egypt has preserved similar structures in that country for millennia. This program shows how weather, climate, chemicals, temperature, and type of substrate factor into rock and soil erosion. Environmental connections are also considered.

Episode 15: Weathering and Soils

What happened to Cleopatra's Needle?


Why does rock material change when exposed to surface conditions?


What is mechanical weathering?


Describe exfoliation, and the fracturing of rock due to pressure release.


What is ice wedging?


How much does water expand when it freezes?


What is chemical weathering?


How do mechanical and chemical weathering work together to disintegrate rock?


What are the principle agents of chemical weathering?

What are the minerals that form through the process of chemical weathering?


How does rain water become acidic?


How do climate and temperature affect the rate of weathering?


Discuss the environmental problem known as "acid rain".


Discuss the formation of soils and soil horizons.


What circumstances led to the Dust Bowl of the 1930's?


What are some of the problems associated with crop irrigation?

Why is soil one of our most important natural resources.

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