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Some of these questions must be answered by consulting your textbook which correlates with the video series.  Consult: "Physical Geology -Earth Revealed" by Carlson, Plummer and McGeary; published by McGraw Hill, New York City, NY


1. Down to Earth 
 Surface conditions of the planets Venus and Mars are compared with those of Earth, and scenes of Earth's living landscapes lead into a discussion of how unique Earth truly is. Major topics addressed in the series, including plate tectonics, natural resources, seismology, and erosion, are introduced in this program.

Episode 1: Down to Earth

What environmental conditions make life possible on earth?

What is the goal of the study of geology?

Explain earth's internal  heat engine.

Explain earth's external heat engine.

How do these two heat engines work together to shape the planet?

What new theory makes this an exciting time to study the earth?

What are the four natural resources mentioned in the film?  Which of these are considered non renewable (once gone, will not be regenerated for reuse in our lifetime)?

What are the geologic resources used to produce a pencil?

What are two issues which relate to groundwater usage?

What is the main factor which leads to soil erosion?

According to your text, in part, what was the reason the Gulf Wars of 1991 and 2003 were fought?

An ongoing controversy rages about allowing exploration for oil in the Arctic National Refuge.  According to your text authors what should the final decision be based on?

How do geologists attempt to predict volcanic eruptions?

How were "tens of thousands" of people saved in the Philippines in 1991?

Why were over 20,000 people killed in the town of Armero in Columbia in 1985.  How could this have been avoided according to your text?

What are the three goals of the Parkfield experiment?

How were casualties kept low in the  Northridge, CA earthquake in spite of it ranking as the most costly natural disaster in North America?

What earth process is more destructive than volcanoes and earthquakes?

What are the major geologic hazards of population centers worldwide?

What are the four components of the Earth System (and which interact)?

Name the six steps of the scientific method outlined in your text.


What is the dual challenge and obligation of modern earth scientists?

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